TFRC publication launch

Last week TFRC launched its first publication Material Futures with an event at Central Saint Martins organised by the Textile Futures Research Centre and Creative Consultancy FranklinTill. The new TFRC website and the publication show the breadth of research at TFRC with its three platforms: Sustainable Strategy with TFRC Director and TED Reader Becky Earley as lead researcher, Science and Technology with Deputy Director Carole Collet, and Dr Jenny Tillotson leading the Wellbeing platform.

TED researchers were featured in the publication with the latest achievements from the MISTRA Future Fashion research program and more projects from 2012.¬†Copies of the publication will be soon available to buy from the TFRC shop at ¬£17. The website will also offer the opportunity to purchase the TED’s TEN cards as a tool for companies and individuals to apply sustainable thinking.