New York trip – Kirsti Reitan Andersen

MISTRA PhD researcher Kirsti Reitan Andersen recently visited companies in New York together with Olof Werngren from Berlin based Swedish company Durated. Durated’s blog features more info about their visits. Kirsti has also met with Bob Bland from Manufacture NY, and has summed up her thoughts about the project on the MISTRA PhD students blog.

Kirsti is a PhD researcher on Project 1 of MISTRA Future Fashion, looking at new business models for sustainable fashion, and has opted for an engaged scholarship with us at Textiles Environment Design. Kirsti’s work focuses on how THE TEN and other tools from the research team are being embedded into companies and how they contribute to sustainable decision-making.

Durated is currently developing a new e-commerce platform that will include insights into the production, logistics and social aspects of the purchased products for conscious consumers. This will contribute to follow the life-story of a product from cradle to grave, to support changes of owners or even to resell the products through the company itself.