TED concludes training program at H&M

TED researchers have developed and delivered a bespoke training program for H&M this year, which featured a series of inspiring lectures by Professor Becky Earley to over 600 of their Stockholm-based design staff, and a workshop series which aimed to explore design thinking for sustainability at H&M.

This week saw the final workshop for the pilot series – led by Professor Becky Earley, with TED/MISTRA PhD Researcher Clara Vuletich and TED Senior Research Fellow Dr Kate Goldsworthy in co-facilitation roles. Kirsti Reitan Andersen, Copenhagen Business School PhD candidate from Project 1 in the MISTRA Future Fashion consortium, has been observing these workshop for her research, and during her term as an engaged scholar in TED.

Following the workshop Kirsti Reitan Andersen will fly on to China to begin the Shanghai Shirt project, to be joined by Clara and Becky later in the month. For the field research, TED has printed the TED’s TEN cards in Chinese, and we are interested to find out how they work in this new context. Watch this space.