Professor Kay Politowicz to join Panel at The British Academy

Professor Kay Politowicz has been invited to contribute to a panel discussion on ‘The Changing face of Value’ that The Cultural Capital Exchange (TCCE) is producing at The British Academy as part of the Inside Out Festival on October 23rd from 6.00pm.

In this period of arguably unprecedented economic, technological and social change, ‘The Changing Face of Value’ sets out to explore and critique how our sense of value and values may be shifting or indeed completely changing. The discussion will probe and challenge our understandings of what is valued by whom and why in the 21st century.

Bringing together a diverse range of experts from within and outside the Academy, this timely debate will present a compelling range of perspectives on the following themes:

• The digital world: Is it shaping our social and cultural values, and if so, how?

• The apparent rise in value in notions such as ‘authenticity’, ‘openness’ and ‘connectivity’

• The value of objects and new forms of material culture

• The shift of values from the enduring to the ephemeral

• The future of value itself

Kay Politowicz’s presentation will focus on the need for “a consumer acceptance of – and enthusiasm for – the designed lifespan of a product”. The presentations will be followed by a discussion with the fellow panelists and the audience. The event will be chaired by Professor Evelyn Welch, MBE (Vice-Principal, Arts and Sciences, King’s College London). Panellists include: Professor Kay Politowicz (Textiles, Environment Design Research Group, Chelsea College of Art and Design), Jessi Baker (designer and technologist and founder of Project Provenance) and Jonathan Schifferes (RSA).

Booking will be via The British Academy website. Admission to this event is FREE but it is required to register on the British Academy website in order to book online.