TED researchers in Copenhagen for MISTRA Future Fashion

This week TED researchers joined academic and industry partners of the Swedish MISTRA Future Fashion consortium at Copenhagen Business School for a two day event. The aim of the academic researchers meeting was to share the results from the research so far: key insights; potential implications; and next steps. Hosted by the consortium’s Project 7, the researchers meeting included workshops to discuss sustainable consumption and consumer behaviour, and how each project within the consortium could contribute towards overcoming barriers to achieve sustainable purchase and use.

As part of day 1 Professor Becky Earley ran a Black Hack workshop with the researchers, with the opportunity to reflect on how making prototypes could connect TED’s Project 3 to the scientists. The results were worn at the dinner at the end of the first meeting day. Earley and CBS researcher Andersen will be making ‘Symposium Shirt’ and writing up the concept as part of the next phase of the research.