Growing a Circular Economy: Parliamentary Inquiry

Kate Goldsworthy was invited recently to give evidence at the Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry into ‘Growing a Circular Economy’. Other witnesses called at the meeting included Professor Rob Holdway, Director, Giraffe Innovation Ltd; Sophie Thomas, Director, The Great Recovery, RSA; Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director, Interface Carpets; Matthew Bulley, Managing Director, Caterpillar Remanufacturing; and Mike Barry, Director of Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer.

In recent years, there has been a growing discussion of resource efficiency, the ‘circular economy’ and the economic and environmental benefits of maximising the value of resources beyond the life of a product. The Environmental Audit Committee aims to examine the issues surrounding building a circular economy, building a case for transforming the approach to waste, and growing a ‘circular economy’

▪   The potential economic value of resources contained in ‘waste’

▪   The key domestic and international links and resource value chains

▪   The environmental benefits of the circular economy (including design to reduce, re-use, repair/remanufacture and recycling or composting)

▪   The potential benefits of alternative business models, including leasing and design for re-use

▪   The barriers to ‘circular’ business models

Written evidence can be accessed through the committee’s website.

The full transcript of the session can be seen here.