Kay Politowicz appointed Professor Emeritus at UAL

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We are thrilled to announce that Kay Politowicz has been appointed Professor Emeritus at the University of the Arts London. The title of Professor Emeritus of Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts has been confered to Kay at a ceremony on 14th of July at the Royal Festival Hall. The title is effective immediately since Kay retired from UAL this year, and recognises the distinction with which she has served the University. As vigorous team member of the TED research group, she is still contributing to the outcomes of the MISTRA Future Fashion project and to the upcoming Textiletoolbox online exhibition launching in November.

This is an excerpt from the introduction by Professor Becky Earley at Kay’s Professorial Platform lecture in June 2013:

Kay has been an inspirational teaching and research leader in the field of textile design over the last thirty years. She led the team that built the textile design course at Chelsea from the BTec course in 1982, into the excellent BA course it has become today. In 1996 she co-founded the Textiles Environment Design (TED) research group, which is now a key platform with the UAL’s Textile Futures Research Centre (TFRC). Both achievements are highly regarded in the field of textile design in the international arena today, particularly in terms of creativity and originality.


It is that same vision that recognised in the mid 1990’s the need for the teaching team to become more aware of the environmental impacts of the industry. The TED group specifically aimed to educate and inspire both the lecturers and the students. When Kay moved from full time course direction into research in 2008 TED inevitably flourished. In 2010 Kay co-authored TED’s TEN, a set of design tactics that guide the textile designer through the complex terrain of sustainability. The TEN have been developed from our collaborative work in teaching, research and enterprise, and are now being used to probe the industry to seek workable ideas for systemic change.


See the full video of the Professorial Platform lecture here and read the publication on the UAL Research Issuu account.