TED Selects 2014

TED awarded four graduates of the MA Textile Design course at Chelsea College of Arts with the TED Selects price 2014. All students demonstrated high expertise with applying strategies for sustainable design to their final projects. This year’s graduates from the MA Textile Design course demonstrate a varied skill-set to promote sustainability through their work and we highly recommend to visit the show before it closes on Friday this week.

TED selects 2014 Sor Zheng 400

Sor Zheng‘s background in interior design has influenced her final print collection. Questioning the practice of a pattern designer in the fashion industry, she was inspired by an item titled ‘Wallpaper Sandwiches’ at the MODA Museum, showing overlaid wallpapers that told a story about a place. Aiming to achieve the same storytelling element and depth in her prints, she created a layered print collection with a zero waste and up-cycling approach. The garment shapes are derived from the fishing trade in her native region in China, and the beautiful outcomes add an emotional and durable quality to textiles that can be used for fashion and interiors.

TED Selects 2014 Lijia Tang 400 

Lija Tang‘s work titled ‘Animal Abuse’ reflects an activist approach for ethical production. Following reports on animal cruelty, she wanted to flag up the issue through her prints. With skilled craft she invested time to produce detailed drawings that she digitally printed on textiles. Hoping that the wearer would contribute to sharing the story about animals abuse, she created simple garment shapes as a canvas for her elaborate prints. Her drawings are also translated into embroidery through the collaboration with a hand-stitching bureau in China to create haptic representations.

TED Selects 2014_Rhiannon Hunt_400

Rhiannon Hunt is an environmental scientist as background. She won the Neal’s Yard Remedies MA Textile Design Scholarship and developed the project with their support. Her collection demonstrates innovative applications for agricultural food waste streams. Exploring ancient fibres and new textile developments, she has achieved to employ a wide range of sustainable materials in her work. Visit her website to see how she explored each material to create a sustainable fashion collection.

TED Selects 2014 Rosamund Hanny 400

Rosamund Hanny set up a textile bureau for ethical textile prints. As a platform, her ‘Ethical Textile Print Room‘ aims to share the work of sustainable textile designers. Beautifully made, her degree show pieces make a point about sustainability in an engaging way. She applies the same approach of aesthetic quality in the selected projects on her web-platform, and found a way to promote ideas for sustainable design through communication pieces and good design.