The Design Journal: Black Hack Chat workshop

Black Hack Chat Becky Earley 400

Rebecca Earley and Jen Ballie have written on the Black Hack Chat workshop they lead at 10th EAD conference in Gothenburg, April 2013. Their reflection on the workshop has been included in In the Making: The ‘Power to the People’ Workshop Track at Crafting the Future, an article edited by Otto Von Busch and published in The Design Journal volume 17 issue 3, September 2014.

“Over the last decade several projects and exhibitions have explored how crafts can play a central role for empowerment through social development, innovation and entrepreneurship. In order to facilitate this, there is a need to explore how craft practices can act as tools for empowerment, both in research and practice. The ‘Power to the People’ track at the European Academy of Design conference in Gothenburg 2013 tried to answer on this challenge with a series craft- based seminars, each centred on a participant’s proposed craft or ‘Paper of Practice’. this formed a series of practice-based seminars that mixed hands-on activities and discussion, centred on and emerging from the very act of doing.”

– Busch, O. (2014) “In the Making: The ‘Power to the People’ Workshop Track at Crafting the Future”, The Design Journal, vol. 17:3, September, pp379-402.

Black Hack Chat – a collaborative workshop was designed for the 10th EAD conference in Gothenburg – combined two research projects: the Black Hack approach was fused with Old is the New Black, where Jen Ballie and Otto von Busch re-worked old clothes using black paint. The aim of the EAD workshop was to push the boundaries of textile design practice through co-design, to identify how it can be used as a tool for citizen engagement for both the individual creating for themselves, and the retailer who wishes to creatively engage with their products over a longer time frame. In the run up to the event Earley made Fractal Shirt (2013) using a domestic iron, and published a ‘Shirt Film’ for people who wanted to make at home during the workshop session.

The full article can be downloaded here.