TEXTILE TOOLBOX launch event and Pop-Up exhibition


Please join us for the launch of the TEXTILE TOOLBOX online exhibition with a 24- hour Pop-Up event at Chelsea College of Arts. The TEXTILE TOOLBOX exhibition is a showcase of ten propositional design concepts inspired by Mistra research into the sustainability of the fashion and textile industry.

Thursday 13 November 2014, 6–8pm
Talks, drinks and smörgåsbord

Friday 14 November 2014, 10am–5pm
View the exhibition

Venue and RSVP

Banqueting Hall
Chelsea College of Arts and Design
London SW1P 4RJ

Please RSVP to tfrc@tfrc.org.uk by 2 November to attend the evening launch event (no need to RSVP to view the exhibition on the Friday).

Pop-Up Exhibition

We are exhibiting a project showcase about the ‘Textile Toolbox’ online exhibition in the Banqueting Hall at Chelsea, from 6pm on the 13th to 3pm on the 14th of November 2014.

The exhibition platform functions as a research and public engagement tool formed around TED’s ‘The TEN’ – design strategies for innovative sustainability thinking and action. The exhibition proposes how these strategies can translate technical and scientific research breakthroughs into design concepts. The new products demonstrate the potential for progressing a sustainable fashion system with new materials, processes, applications and business models. The exhibits are a starting point for discussion – provocations, or ‘provotypes’ – showing us how design tools can create entirely new visions for the future of the industry. This unique online platform offers a global audience a glimpse of a sustainable future fashion industry. An industry that ultimately gives the consumer pleasure whilst also giving the planet and its inhabitants absolute consideration.

The format of the Pop-Up display will offer the opportunity for the exhibition to travel, and to be set up in other partner institutions and organisations. Get in touch if you would like to tour the show.


The final design pieces use a strategic ‘TEN’ approach to create beautiful fashions for style fans to savour, with aesthetics connecting and responding to the scientific research of the MISTRA Future Fashion consortium. Each of the ten exhibits have applied TED’s ‘layered thinking’ approach and connect more than one of The TEN strategies in the design brief and outcome. For the showcase, we will demonstrate how each card ‘hand’ uses a ‘lead card’ or strategy along with other strategies to create a unique design brief for future fashion.

1 Seamsdress, by Dr Kate Goldsworthy
2 A.S.A.P (Paper Cloth), by Prof Kay Politowicz, Sandy MacLennan  (East Central), Dr Kate Goldsworthy, David Telfer (COS) and Dr Hjalmar Granberg (Innventia)
3 Shanghai Shirt by Prof. Becky Earley and Isabel Dodd
4 Inner/Outer Jacket by Clara Vuletich
5 DeNAture, by Miriam Ribul in collaboration with Hanna de la Motte (SP)
6 ReDressing Activism, by Prof. Becky Earley, Emmeline Child and Bridget Harvey
7 Smörgåsbord, by Melanie Bowles and Kathy Round
8 Sweaver, by Josefin Tissingh
9 Fast Refashion, by Prof. Becky Earley
10 A Jumper to Lend, A Jumper to Mend, by Bridget Harvey


The collaborations with scientists, academics and professionals, have lead to toolkits for action, instructions for making, resources for learning, and films to sit back and watch. International training tools and education models will be available from the site as a free download in the final report in June 2015.

Open Call

We are inviting a global audience of designers to visit the site, sign up and submit design projects for our Open Gallery space. We invite each submission to use the TED strategies, and to apply a layered approach of the strategies to describe the work. We will select the ten projects that will demonstrate the strongest links to the strategies – innovative systemic and material approaches for textile design that fuse different disciplines in one design proposal. We want the prototypes to provoke debate, and conversations to ripple out – leading to real change.


We invite reviewers to our exhibition. Please contact tfrc@tfrc.org.uk to get in touch.

For more information

Please contact Angela Hartley, TFRC Manager, tfrc@tfrc.org.uk
To follow the project’s progress and send feedback use Twitter,
@textiletoolbox, Facebook group, or the project website.