MISTRA Future Fashion projects 400

Our Textile Toolbox platform aims to connect leading sustainable design thinkers and makers in this open call for work using interconnected design thinking and processes for sustainable textiles and fashion.

We are inviting a global audience of designers to visit the site, sign up and submit design projects for our Open Gallery space and to become part of our Open Network. We invite each submission to use and select from the TED strategies, and to apply a layered approach to the strategies to describe the work. We will select the ten projects that will demonstrate the strongest links to the strategies – innovative systemic and material approaches for textile design that fuse different disciplines in one design proposal. We want the prototypes to provoke debate, and conversations to ripple out – leading to real change.

Please download the TEXTILE TOOLBOX Open Call template and submit it to tfrc@tfrc.org.uk by 12th of January to be considered for our Open Gallery showcase and take our survey to tell us more about yourself. In addition to the online feature, we will publish the selected projects in our industry report for our MISTRA Future Fashion research in May 2015.