Shavasana Shirt


In order to drive the profound cultural and industrial change that is needed to achieve a more sustainable future, designers must be many things. Aside from creating less impactful materials, products and processes, we must design new systems and services to enable the way that we meet our needs to be lighter and brighter. We need to change ourselves, as well as those we create for and serve. We must be our best selves, our whole selves (Ehrenfeld, 2008). Death to our mindless designing and consumption!

The gallery will be transformed into a yoga studio for a one-hour workshop. Becky and the PhD researchers will lead in the studio and via Skype from Australia; and whilst the participants meditate and move they will use transfer inks to mark make on their wallpaper yoga mats. The resulting ‘designs’ will be used to co-create an overprinted upcycled shirt – part of Earley’s ongoing Top 100 project – which, along with the film of the session, will form the CoR evidence. Shavasana, the ‘corpse pose’, will end the session, from which the participants will be reborn, to be more mindful designers and consumers.


Ehrenfeld, J. (2008). Sustainable by Design: A Subversive Strategy for Transforming our Consumer Culture. New Haven & London, Yale University Press