ENSAD Conference: Forging the Future

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TED Senior Research Fellow, Dr Kate Goldsworthy is presenting a paper entitled ‘Designing for a circular fashion economy: technology, collaboration and creativity’ at the 2015 ‘Forging the Future’ Conference Series at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris. The series of 9 lectures looks at how design and science can work together towards an ecologically minded future.

Alternating thinking and actors from the realms of science, economics, politics, culture and creativity including high-profile sustainable design academics Prof Jonathan Chapman and Alastair Fuad-Luke, the series unfolds in two main chapters;

Firstly, what do we understand by ‘an ecological practice’? What are its social, ethical, economic and political operating modes and conditions? Which urgent issues must it address today to be able to act meaningfully tomorrow?

Secondly, which current research projects, conducted in the arts, design or sciences have the potential to re-imagine an ecology that is in line with urban dynamics? What kind of knowledge do these projects contain and how might they build on one another towards a constructive outcome?

The full lecture series will be available to view on the conference website at http://www.cyclefaconnerlavenir.ensad.fr