TED Adhocism project 2015

Mimi Kerpel edited 400px

Mimi Kerpel – The Plastic Age

TED researchers Professor Kay Politowicz and Miriam Ribul co-curated an exhibition in the Banqueting Hall at Chelsea College of Arts to showcase the outcomes of Adhocism, a project with year 2 BA Textile Design students. Samples, selected from the 97 participating students in Weave, Knit and Print specialisms, demonstrated impressive craftsmanship and inventiveness in the exploration of textiles.

Leah Kahn 400px

Leah Kahn – Patterned Wood

Following a ‘TEN’ workshop in March, led by Dr Kate Goldsworthy and six other TED researchers, students developed their designs through the lens of The TEN sustainable design strategies. They took up a primarily conceptual position and then proposed professional design solutions by adopting a ‘build-to-think’ approach. Projects were exhibited in groups according to the chosen strategy, demonstrating the interconnectedness of multiple strategies for sustainability. Design ideas exhibited were packed with initiatives to change and invigorate systems of production. The students’ fresh-thinking proposed challenges and solutions for an industry that is highly responsive to technological innovation, but needs the courage of creative freedom to become more sustainable.

Catherine Taylor 400px

Catherine Taylor – Adaptable Outerwear

Selected, leading textiles industry guests attended the exhibition opening. Sandy MacLennan (East Central Studios) was invited to evaluate the work for the excellence of research, process and product outcome and present prizes. A series of ‘honourable mentions’ were also announced to reflect the wide range of brilliant ideas demonstrated at the exhibition.

1st Prize: 

Mimi Kerpel – ‘The Plastic Age’

Runners Up:

Catherine Taylor – ‘UNISEX’

Leah Kahn – ‘Patterned Wood’

Honourable Mentions:

Liv Barnes – ‘Everything but the kitchen sink’

Sangyoon Chung – ‘Reconstruct the image’

Lottie Field – ‘Leather’

Catarina Fraga – ‘Camera-less photography’

Mila Harris-Mussi – ‘Para; Wrap the body against’

Georgina Wood – ‘Composite’

Hannah Shaw – ‘TROES’

Olivia Murray – ‘Where the wild things are’