Future Fashion Manifesto

28th-29th September 2015 

Professor Becky Earley spoke at the Mistra Future Fashion event held at Stockholm’s School of Economics on the 28th-29th September. The Mistra Future Fashion research program seeks to achieve systemic sustainable change within the fashion industry and brings together the expertise and networks of leading Swedish and international research institutes and universities.

The event held at the Stockholm School of Economics was the first public dissemination of the research for phase 1 (2011-2015). Research partners presented their main findings and summarised their plans for the second phase of research (2015-2019). As a result of collated insights from phase 1 a Future Fashion Manifesto has been developed. This describes current knowledge and forms a roadmap for further research. You can download the manifesto here.

A Pop-up exhibition of the Textile Toolbox prototypes developed by researchers at TED was shown and assisted in demonstrating and stimulating discussion around TED’s The TEN sustainable design strategies.


Written by Helen Paine