Resilient Research Event – Recap

24th September 2015

The Resilient Research event explored future opportunities for design research.

The first talk explored ‘the Heartbeat of Cultural Change’ by Dr. Louise Valentine, Head of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for the College of Arts, Science and Engineering, at the University of Dundee.

Louise talked about the cultural significance of both small to large research projects. In particular the Victoria and Albert Design Museum, which is currently being built in Dundee, Scotland. To allow this new cultural space to flourish, an innovation ecosystem is required and Louise referred to some of the new projects that are popping up in Dundee supported by the University, funding councils, enterprise agencies or government or in some cases led by citizens themselves.

The second talk explored ‘Mastering Mindfulness’ by Chris Connors founder of Modern Chris is a creative director, mentor, coach and meditation teacher, with complementary expertise bridging the worlds of design, luxury, wellbeing, trend forecasting and philanthropy. This talk began in an unconventional way with Chris initiating a meditation exercise with the audience allowing them to experience ‘mindfulness’.

This talk explored the term ‘Conscious Innovation’ an approach that encourages practitioners to apply mindfulness and curiosity to explore solutions of issues that go beyond bottom line profit. Chris also talked about curating these outcomes and the examples shared throughout this talk, when collectively combined resembled an inventive cabinet of curiosity for mindfulness.

The heart of innovation lies at the intersection between calmness and chaos and this can be tricky to navigate as our professional practices and personal lives are often intertwined. By making time for ourselves to pause, reflect and re-think both individually but also collectively, we can begin to find our way.