Welcome our new TED team members!

9th November 2015

TED would like take this opportunity to introduce three new members to the team; Rosie Hornbuckle, Alison Taylor, and Gabrielle Miller.

Rosie has joined TED to work as a Post-Doctoral Researcher on the TED Trash-2-Cash project. She brings to the team expertise in open, collaborative information exchange between partners from different industries and knowledge areas. Much of her early career was spent at Kingston University where she undertook a PhD, and worked at Rematerialise on a collection of sustainable materials. Her role as researcher and educator focuses on the interesting place where design, materials and sustainability overlap.

Alison Taylor is the Communications Officer for the Trash-2-Cash project. Alison currently works as both an interdisciplinary designer and communications specialist. She has a chemistry degree and recently graduated from the MA Material Futures course at Central Saint Martins in 2015 with a speculative project exploring sustainable alternatives for jewellery design in a post-mining world. (image)

Gabrielle Miller is a Research Assistant at TED (maternity cover). Gabrielle is a textile designer and researcher, and has been working as a Research Assistant on numerous projects over the past couple of years; FIRE, based at the London College of Fashion, UAL, and a research and design-led project that interrogated intelligent material solutions for future ways of living, at Northumbria University. She has a background of working in textile, print and embroidery design for companies such as Alexander McQueen, Jonathan Saunders, Burberry, and Givenchy.

They are all excited to be joining the TED team!