One year without new clothes



Throughout 2015 Professor Becky Earley has been writing a reflective blog about her pledge not to buy any new clothes. It’s full of ideas about how to avoid consuming ‘new’ resources, and instead make the most of what we already have. The process began with developing a five bag system for sorting through wardrobes and putting old clothes into different reuse streams.

Some other key insights from the blog include:

  • Great pleasures and treasures are to be found in well sorted second hand stores and eclectic vintage shops and markets, especially in cities other than ones own, where styles and traditions may offer something unique and unexpected
  • Making days out for kids which include second hand shopping for their own clothes can be great fun, educational, and economically savvy
  • Mending and updating can keep worn items going for longer and the ‘chore’ factor of this is sometimes ameliorated if you can do it with a friend, or for a friend. If you can develop a personal mending culture based on ‘giftivism’, generosity, and co-creation, this out-of-fashion practice could find a new place in our lives
  • Creating a styling wall in the bedroom to arrange wardrobe ‘finds’ to inspire ‘new’ outfits has also been a cheap and quick way to stay feeling stylish; creating unexpected combinations of colours, patterns and accessories that are hard to anticipate when the items are on the hangers or in the drawers
  • Look, touch, but don’t buy – indulge in the visual pleasures of fashion magazine and stores, but go to get inspired, not spend. This will feed your fashion flow and help you keep creating looks in alternative ways. If you fall in love with something, then being prepared to wait months for it will reveal your true feelings and desires – helping you work out what is a wardrobe whim, or a wardrobe winner
  • Receiving gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas never felt so good. Partners, friends and relatives now know what to get you, and receiving a brand new garment or accessory which is beautifully tagged and wrapped feels so special. The new new, as opposed to the old new, should be for special occasions


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