Mending Revealed

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Bridget Harvey is exhibiting from 5th March – 16th April at Bridport Arts Centre in a show called Mending Revealed. The exhibition has been curated by Jacy Wall and includes work by Louise Baker, Jenni Dutton, Lisa Earley, Simon Hitchens, Guy Martin and Paul Scott.

She is showing a series of repaired ceramics, continuing from those exhibited in The Department of Repair last year, which she co-curated. Having spent the last 3 years researching repair-making as a material and social action, she uses these ceramics to record her thought processes and experiment with old and new techniques and materials. Through the creation of repair models, she proposes ways of approaching repair and repairing, sometimes functionally, sometimes not. Her ceramics and their mends are actuals and potentials, stories and ideas. Stimulation is their aim: to act as provocateur or goad, questioning us questioning them.