The TEN Adhocism Brainstorming Session

Adhocism Brainstorming Session

This week the TED team with associate researchers facilitated a brainstorming session for the BA Textile second year students in the Banqueting Hall at Chelsea College of Arts. The students were divided into groups based around a leading TEN strategy that they had chosen to focus on for the project. In the groups each student presented their project ideas and research followed by a round-table discussion led by one of the TED team experts including Dr Kate Goldsworthy, Prof Kay Politowicz, Miriam Ribul, Josefin Landalv, Gabrielle Miller, Dr Emma Neuberg and Bridget Harvey.

The session was wrapped up with each group presenting key points and shared approaches that had emerged during the session. A majority of the students were using ‘layered design thinking’ and incorporated more than one strategy in their project. Lifecycle approaches, systems thinking and design activism were strong themes among the students where they demonstrated progressive thinking and innovative ideas.