Axisweb Artist of the Month: Bridget Harvey

Bridget Harvey is one of TED or excitingly the new Centre for Circular Design (CCD) own PhD students. CCD are very excited to announce that she has been chosen as Axiweb Artist of the month.

Bridget’s research: ‘RepairAbility: Repair making as material and social action’ has played an important role in TED and now CCD research to support a circular economy by deep diving into the world of repair. Repairing is a vital to extending the life of a product, and therefore creating less waste. Bridget explores the act of repair under many guises and describes her practice in her interview with axisweb as:

“repair is something we can do, as well as possibly being something we should do. By looking at repair as part of the ongoing life of an object, we opened it up and included the process of repair as part of making.”

To read the full article click here.