TED Associate Researcher to Speak at TEDxSydneySalons


TED Associate Researcher Clara Vuletich will speak at the first session of TEDxSydneySalons next week. This new series of intimate events will be held across the year, combining talks, films, music and more.


The inaugural Salon focuses on the theme of sustainability and takes place at a very special location – the top floor of Tower Two, International Towers at Barangaroo, home to a unique sustainable development plan and, of course, a sensational new view of the city.


The lineup includes recycling expert Garth Lamb, who seeks to inspire us to take smarter approaches to recover and reuse materials; 2016 TEDxSydney alumni speaker Clara Vuletich talks more about her work in the sustainable fashion space and how we can engage with ethical fashion; ant ecologist and science communicator, Kirsti Abbott looks at our literal relationship with the little things beneath our feet; and Nij Lal talks about the science of solar, and the future of sunshine. The program also includes films, music and a chance to get together after the event to discuss, share and inspire.


Date: Thursday 22 September 2016, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: North Lobby, Tower Two, International Towers, 200 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney


Tickets available here

Clara Vuletich to speak at TEDxSydney 2016


TED’s Mistra Future Fashion PhD Researcher Clara Vuletich is one of the speakers recently announced for TEDxSydney 2016.  Her talk will use TED’s The TEN (Earley & Politowicz 2010) and focus on her ideas about changing the way we approach the challenge of ethics and sustainability in fashion and how we can all make impactful decisions about what we wear.

The event will take place in the Sydney Opera House on the 25th of May and will host a diverse selection of speakers all themed around collaboration, including: a political cartoonist; an intensive care doctor and a quantum physicist; a survivor of the 2005 London bombings; a body acceptance activist; a digital artist; and an award-winning photographer, among others. The speakers will explore topics ranging from: the ethics of human engineering, society’s last acceptable prejudice; why we need to stop “orphanage tourism”; what defines our individual identity; the international responsibility of Australia to preserve endangered species; and how people can die in a better way. Further speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Clara has been involved with TED as a Research Assistant and PhD Researcher since 2007, and co-developed The TEN with the authors. She is a designer, researcher and writer who explores the intersections of fashion and textile design, sustainability and well-being through creative practice. Her Mistra funded PhD completes later this year, and is titled Tranisitionary Textiles: Qualities and Values for the Transitionary Textile Design Practitioner.

Sustainable Fashion seminar at Stockholm University


In A Reverse Fashion


Clara Vuletich, the TED PhD candidate with MISTRA Future Fashion took part in a PhD seminar on Sustainable Fashion at the Centre for Fashion Studies at Stockholm University in May. Twelve PhD students presented their research from a range of disciplines including social science, fashion theory, textile design and management studies. The Convenors were Hazel Clarke (Parsons, NY), Andrea Kollnitz  (Stockholm Uni.), and Alessandra Vaccari (University IUAV,Venice). Projects included a case study of sustainable brand Patagonia using Stewart Brand’s framework of The Long Now; a study of ‘slow fashion’ in Canada; and an investigation of fashion design/creativity within the organisational context of a  fashion brand. The convenors summarised the overall themes covered as:

  • Importance of new methods in fashion design education to incorporate sustainability
  • The notion of time in fashion and sustainability – slow, fast, long timeframes, short timeframes
  • Sustainability and Modernism: an historical perspective on sustainable fashion is vital, ‘art as fashion’ and activism in fashion has it’s roots in modernism
  • Place/Geography/National Identity: the stories behind fashion brands and heritage
  • Consumption and users of fashion: most discourse has focused on production or design, but consumption is as important and under-explored
  • Slow: is the concept helpful? Is it outdated? Do consumers of fashion or designers use this term

The convenors found it “invigorating” to see projects from theory and practice being brought together, and they emphasised that in fashion design education these two aspects should not exist in isolation. They also felt the fashion designer’s role needs to be more critically evaluated, as there is little understanding of how fashion designer’s ‘do’ design in the academic literature.

TED’s PhD student launches new website

Clara Vuletich was the Research Assistant at TED between 2006 – 2011 and is now in the first year of a PhD attached to TED’s MISTRA research project. She recently succesfully presented the end of her first year findings at the University’s RNUAL week,  with a presentation titled ‘I Am Disruptive: a new role for Textile/Fashion Designers in the Supply Chain’.

Clara has now launched a new website, which shows the range of projects she has developed with TED and independently. Her broad portfolio demonstrates how her work as a sustainable textile and fashion facilitator is constantly evolving.

Over the last four years, Clara was also writing her personal insights and thoughts about sustainable textiles/fashion on her blog Love & Thrift. Although this has now ceased, she is busy preparing the key ideas from the blog into a small self-published booklet and a new blog looking at her PhD research is also due soon.

Her PhD will use ‘human-centred sustainable design strategies to reconfigure waste as an asset in the fashion textile supply chain’.

bricolage + friends

Textile collective bricolage, who are all graduates of the textile BA here at Chelsea, were in Paris last week to launch a show they have curated that includes the work of their favourite product and furniture designers from London. The show was at Centre Commercial, the concept store of the Veja brand, who create sustainable fashion accessories including shoes and leather goods, and who have just won the Observer Ethical Fashion Label Award.

bricolage + friends included beautiful simple wall shelves from Mentsen, a hand made office set from Thomas Wagner, wall pieces and videos of the making process from Studio Glitheroe, a hand made leather and wood chair from Max Lamb and several other pieces alongside the textile work from the bricolage members.

There were also several videos from bricolage members and Lamb and Glitheroe which explored the various processes involved in the making of the designers’ work.

Interdependence & textiles

PhD student Clara Vuletich has been included in a new website and book that comes out of a project called Interdependence Day back in 2009. The book due to be published this month, and accompanying website, is called ATLAS: Geography, Architecture and Change in an Interdependent World and it brings together geographers and architects, writers, artists, and designers to test novel ways of understanding and responding to global environmental and economic change.

Clara contributed her thoughts on ‘textiles and interdependence’ and the role of textile and fashion designers in this changing world.

TED’s PhD candidate Clara Vuletich participates at Stockholm Green Hackathon

Ted’s member Clara Vuletich will participate at the Green Hackathon at the KTH in Stockholm, Sweden, on the 21st and 22nd of October.

The hackathon is a 24 hours event aiming at finding solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. Developers, researchers and students will collaborate in front of their screens to develop possible apps, mobile services and web services in the context of environmental sustainability.

On the agenda is a talk by Leonardo Bonanni, the CEO of Sourcemap and a graduate from MIT Media Lab with his work around radical transparency.

The Hackathon is described as hands-on for developing ideas and prototypes for a sustainable and resilient future, nurtured by the potential of the “Open Data”-principles. Their belief is that an easier to access “environmental facts” would become an important part of decisions with a focus on sustainability in our society.

For more information please visit the website.