Chelsea College of Arts Postgraduate Summer Show 2016


03 Sep – 09 Sep 2016

Catch the ‘up and coming’ artists and designers of tomorrow at the Chelsea College of Arts Postgraduate Summer Show, featuring work by graduating students from the following courses:


MA Fine Art

MA Graphic Design Communication

MA Interior & Spatial Design

MA Textile Design

MA Curating & Collections


Private View:
Monday 5th September 6pm – 9pm

Open to general public:
Saturday 3rd September – 11am – 5pm
Sunday 4th September – 11am – 5pm
Monday 5th September – 10am – 9pm
Tuesday 6th September – 10am – 8pm
Wednesday 7th September – 10am – 8pm
Thursday 8th September – 10am – 8pm
Friday 9th September – 10am – 8pm


Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street, London


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TED’s Sustainable Practice Award 2016

At this year’s outstanding BA Textile Degree show at Chelsea College of Arts, TED awarded a Sustainable Practice Award with a focus on innovation and environmental consideration. It was given to students who demonstrated excellent practice and progressive thinking in sustainable textile design.  The TED team was truly impressed by the overall high standard of work this year, which was demonstrated through craftsmanship, highly developed concepts and original ideas. We are pleased to announce that the winners of TED’s Sustainable Practice Award 2016 are:


abbi fletcher 1 _400ppi abbi fletcher 6_400ppi

Abigail Fletcher for combining design and technology in her interactive textile range. Her work is concerned with the future of textiles, by promoting the importance of new technologies and to encourage others to consider how these can be used to solve problems and transform how we live. In the collection, whether the audio becomes physical, or the physical becomes audio, music and technology constantly act in tandem to reveal the possibilities of tactile qualities for digital products.


Single_400ppi Duo_400ppi

Archie Dickens for his minimal waste and unisex knitwear collection. By using the knitting machine as a ‘3D printer’ Archie produced highly customized pattern pieces, which minimised waste during the production stage. The garment shapes, determined by the size and shape of the wearer, allow for total flexibility. By incorporating ideas of supplication and ambiguity Archie is allowing a timeless inclusivity to evolve within the collection and therefore also adding an element of multifunction and longevity.




Catherine Taylor for her fashion collection, which aims to embody digital users and develop a deeper connectivity between themselves and their virtually-extended self while purchasing garments online. The virtual garment animations are intended for display in online shops, to allow for consumers to interact and experience the clothing before purchasing. The process will develop into a website that allows the consumer to customize the product before purchase, whilst moving around the garment and adapting the clothing. This will increase consumer’s self-expression and will increase longevity of the garment.

Chelsea College of Arts Undergraduate Summer Show 2016

Summer Show_2016

17 Jun – 25 Jun 2016


Catch the ‘up and coming’ artists and designers of tomorrow at the Chelsea College of Arts Undergraduate Summer Show, featuring work by graduating students from the following courses:


BA Fine Art

BA Graphic Design Communication

BA Interior & Spatial Design

FdA Interior Design

BA Textile Design

Graduate Diploma Fine Art

Graduate Diploma Interior Design


Private View: Friday 17th June 6pm – 9pm


Then open to general public:


Saturday 18th June – 11am – 5pm

Sunday 19th June – 11am – 5pm

Monday 20th June – 10am – 8pm

Tuesday 21st June – 10am – 8pm

Wednesday 22nd June – 10am – 8pm

Thursday 23rd June – 10am – 8pm

Friday 24th June – 10am – 8pm

Saturday 25th June – 11am – 5pm



Chelsea College of Arts

16 John Islip Street, London



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Chelsea MA Textile Design Graduate wins SCAP award

Rhiannon Hunt SCAP AWARD

We are thrilled to announce that MA Chelsea Textile design graduate Rhiannon Hunt won the first SCAP award for ‘extending the life of clothing’. We have featured Rhiannon’s graduate work on our TED website as part of our TED Selects 2014 of the MA Textile Design Chelsea postgraduate show. We were delighted by her MA collection of sustainable materials and dyes that she developed into an online materials library. For the SCAP award she developed a new collection that demonstrates different strategies to extend the emotional attachment of garments.

The winner was announced during a SCAP networking event for signatories and supporters on 12 March. The judging for the ‘Extending the LIfe of Clothes Design Award‘ received 13 high quality entries. All innovative and inspirational finalist entries are featured on the Award website. Drapers, and the Twitter hashtag #ELCaward generated large interest for this new and relevant Award for sustainable fashion.


Open call for Film Vert Vimeo platform submissions


UAL students and recent graduates are invited to share their sustainable fashion and textile films on UAL Film Vert platform. The platform’s aim is to promote students’ work, their course and graduate projects and to showcase inspiring short films and animations focused on sustainable design in fashion and textiles.

To find out more or to submit your film, please email Ania Stawarska, TFRC Administrator

To watch films showcased at the Film Vert event during UAL Green Week, visit Your Guide to Film Vert and UAL Film Vert platform.

UAL Film Vert Vimeo, funded CLTAD, is co-curated by Textile Futures Research Centre and Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

TED Selects 2014

TED awarded four graduates of the MA Textile Design course at Chelsea College of Arts with the TED Selects price 2014. All students demonstrated high expertise with applying strategies for sustainable design to their final projects. This year’s graduates from the MA Textile Design course demonstrate a varied skill-set to promote sustainability through their work and we highly recommend to visit the show before it closes on Friday this week.

TED selects 2014 Sor Zheng 400

Sor Zheng‘s background in interior design has influenced her final print collection. Questioning the practice of a pattern designer in the fashion industry, she was inspired by an item titled ‘Wallpaper Sandwiches’ at the MODA Museum, showing overlaid wallpapers that told a story about a place. Aiming to achieve the same storytelling element and depth in her prints, she created a layered print collection with a zero waste and up-cycling approach. The garment shapes are derived from the fishing trade in her native region in China, and the beautiful outcomes add an emotional and durable quality to textiles that can be used for fashion and interiors.

TED Selects 2014 Lijia Tang 400 

Lija Tang‘s work titled ‘Animal Abuse’ reflects an activist approach for ethical production. Following reports on animal cruelty, she wanted to flag up the issue through her prints. With skilled craft she invested time to produce detailed drawings that she digitally printed on textiles. Hoping that the wearer would contribute to sharing the story about animals abuse, she created simple garment shapes as a canvas for her elaborate prints. Her drawings are also translated into embroidery through the collaboration with a hand-stitching bureau in China to create haptic representations.

TED Selects 2014_Rhiannon Hunt_400

Rhiannon Hunt is an environmental scientist as background. She won the Neal’s Yard Remedies MA Textile Design Scholarship and developed the project with their support. Her collection demonstrates innovative applications for agricultural food waste streams. Exploring ancient fibres and new textile developments, she has achieved to employ a wide range of sustainable materials in her work. Visit her website to see how she explored each material to create a sustainable fashion collection.

TED Selects 2014 Rosamund Hanny 400

Rosamund Hanny set up a textile bureau for ethical textile prints. As a platform, her ‘Ethical Textile Print Room‘ aims to share the work of sustainable textile designers. Beautifully made, her degree show pieces make a point about sustainability in an engaging way. She applies the same approach of aesthetic quality in the selected projects on her web-platform, and found a way to promote ideas for sustainable design through communication pieces and good design.

Chelsea College of Arts Postgraduate Summer Show 2014

Chelsea Postgraduate Summer Show

The Postgraduate Summer Show at Chelsea College of Arts will be open from 5th to 12th of September. Catch the ‘up and coming’ artists and designers of tomorrow at the Chelsea College of Arts Postgraduate Summer Show, featuring work by graduating students from the following courses:

▪   MA Fine Art

▪   MA Graphic Design Communication

▪   MA Interior & Spatial Design

▪   MA Textile Design

▪   MRes Arts Practice


The show is open to general public:

Saturday 6th September: 11am – 5pm

Monday 8th September – Friday 12th September: 10am – 8pm



Chelsea College of Arts

16 John Islip Street, London


BA Textile Design Graduate Show 2014

This year’s Graduates from the BA Textile Design course at Chelsea College of Arts equally demonstrate modernity, professionalism and material exploration. The excellent output is linked to an awareness of sustainability and material impacts.

Dora Burns’ work explores co-design by working with people on her allotment. Dora explored five recipes for collaborative local pattern making, including found materials and resist prints with dyes grown and foraged. The stories and the process are documented on her blog. Through this process she wanted to explore how patterns can be used to capture a fleeting moment related to a place or to the personality of a person.

Another graduate, Mario Zhou, incorporated backpacks in garments. He said that the FLEX project, using ‘The TEN’ TED sustainable strategies in his second year, was significant in changing the approach to designing in their group.

The work this year is very focused on experiments with new materials and 3-dimensionality. Sports geometrics reflectives by Lucy Poulden featured next to day-glow features by Lucy Hardcastle whereas Ji Chen’s work explores his woven fabrics bonded onto neoprene structures.

The degree projects aim to engage us in different ways, and spatial installations feature equally next to fashion collections. Abby Bucknall created a space with orbs & lasered polyesters to re-engage our senses to truly understand and appreciate what textures feel like in reality in our increasingly digitised lives.

Seeing digital as material is a very interesting concept explored by Honami Nishii. Printing computer files as textile reliefs, she was inspired by how digital technology is influenced by our lives. In her graduate collection, data is a material with very special qualities: it is flexible, it can not age, and we can output it anytime. Using digital icons as print patterns, she imagined what materiality these intangible elements have.

Intangible elements become also visible in the fashion collection by Sabrina Shah Hakim. Titled ‘Controlled Chaos’, her material experimentation uses a water spray to demonstrate patterns that would be revealed on a raincoat.

These examples from the show and other inventive applications of both new and old material processes, demonstrate the graduating students’ awareness of the many contemporary contexts for textile design.

An overview of all projects from the degree show is available on the Chelsea Textile Design website.

Chelsea College of Arts Undergraduate Summer Show 2014

We hope you can make it to celebrate the work of the 2014 designers at the Chelsea College of Arts Undergraduate Summer Show, featuring work by graduating students from BA Textiles as well as from the courses BA Fine Art, BA Graphic Design Communication, BA Interior & Spatial Design, FdA Interior Design, BA Textile Design, Graduate Diploma Interior Design.

The BA Textile Design degree show includes work across print, weave, knit and stitch. This year they have explored a wide range of applications for textiles including fashion, interiors, spatial contexts such as installations, sculpture, object-based product, digital projection and interactive design.

Open to general public:

Saturday 14th June – Sunday 15th June: 11am – 5pm

Monday 16th June – Friday 20th June: 10am – 8pm

Saturday 21st June: 11am – 5pm

Chelsea College of Arts
16 John Islip Street

MA Textile Design degree show 2013

Florencia Bianchi

Bronwen Campbell-Golding

Junghyun Kim

This week sees the degree show of the MA Textile Design course at Chelsea College of Art & Design. The one year MA Textile Design course encourages students to apply with a project that they pursue throughout the year.

TED has run three sessions with the students throughout their MA and we are pleased to see that the TED’s TEN strategies have been mentioned in many of the students’ work. The graduates have developed strong ideas for business models they would like to pursue as a continuation of their final collection. The work and the response to the TED’s TEN during this one year MA course has demonstrated more informed design decisions, including a wider and deeper student understanding of sustainable design.

Themes emerging from the show include historical and indigenous craft and how this can be preserved, such as in Florencia Bianchi, Kathryn Lewis and Maria Afanador Leon‘s work. Lin Zhu and Junghyn Kim‘s work cherish and visualise emotional and environmental connections. Bronwen Campbell-Golding and Zahra Jaan have each demonstrated how a careful selection of materials can implement the impact of their designs. The degree show demonstrates value in craftmanship, materials and design. We have interviewed some of the graduates and will publish individual profiles of their work on the TED website soon.

The show is open from 10am to 8pm until Thursday 12th of September. More information can be found here.