Print Make Wear – Creative Projects for Textile Design

print-make-wear Melanie Bowles

We are thrilled to share that Melanie Bowles & The People’s Print will be launching their recently completed book Print Make Wear – Creative Projects for Digital Textile Design with Laurence King at Makerversity, New Wing, Somerset House, Lancaster Place, London. The new publication will be available online and in the shops at the end of March.

Print, Make, Wear by Melanie Bowles and The People’s Print and published by Laurence King in March 2015 features 14 original projects that will inspire you to create your own digitally printed textile designs.

Digital print techniques are inspired by traditional handcrafts such as patchwork and embroidery and can now be brought to life by utilising computer software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Print, Make, Wear offers 14 easy-to-follow projects that will see you making your own printed textiles in no time. Previously the preserve of professional designers or fashion and textile colleges, digital printing is now available in high-street bureaus, where anyone can send a file to be printed on the material of their choice, ready to make and wear. Truly individual style has never been so easy!

The 14 projects are:

  • Paintbrush Floral
  • Post Modern Play
  • Easy Boy Check
  • Vintage Floral
  • Hackney Lights
  • Bargello
  • Dress
  • Dahlia Skirt,
  • Clara’s Patchwork
  • Shibori
  • Colour Me In
  • Monotone Man
  • Stitched by Jane
  • Made in Brixton
  • Modern Folk

To purchase Print Make Wear click here.

The Geometrics exhibition

TED member Melanie Bowles of the People’s Print will be exhibiting her work alongside other eminent textile designers at The Geometrics exhibition. Melanie has recently launched a new series of e-books – tutorials to develop digital print designs and that can be accessed through her website.

The Geometrics collective is made up of diverse artists, designers and researchers, all of whom trained in textile design and who continue to drive forward the geometric form inherent in their original study. Supported by Kingsgate Workshops Trust and the Slow Textiles Group, they publish new work, research and thinking on geometric structures.

The private view is on 19th April (6pm-9pm) and the exhibition runs from 20th April – 5th May at the Kingsgate Gallery, 110-116 Kingsgate Road, London NW6 2JG. More about the Symposium programme and events can be found here.

New BA Textile Design course website

BA Textile Design course director Caryn Simonson and senior lecturer Melanie Bowles have set up a new website for the BA Textile Design course at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Acting as a newsletter for the course’s projects, collaborations and external events, the new website houses a blog for news on exhibitions, alumni and also the degree shows and stage two shows,  plus links to other online resources. For a full view on the BA Textile Design Course please follow this link.

Every print tells a story

The People’s Print are engaging with BA Textile Design students at Chelsea to spread the word about their designs and inspirations. ‘Every print tells a story’ is developed to create insight behind print designer’s work.
The first of a series of interviews is with Naomi Whitehead. She is inspired by the motoring industry, chemistry labs and crystal structures. With her interest in new scientific textiles, she has explored BioResins for being an eco-friendly material already used in the automotive industry. We loved her work at the degree show and wish her well as she graduates.
Check out TED member Melanie Bowles‘s website.

E-co textiles

DIY mania was in action last weekend at the Future Everything Craft event in Manchester, with Mel Bowles and Jen Ballie introducing audiences to their co-design textile/fashion projects.

Also at the event were projects including Pics to Knits a web based project which allows a user to convert any image to a knitting pattern which forms a blanket or throw and David Littler’s sampler-cultureclash an international collective of sound artists, DJ’s, embroiderers, textile designers, performance poets, machine hackers and dancers who are exploring the connections between textiles and sound and the cultures of embroidery and DJ-ing.

Textiles & Co Design at TED

TED member Mel Bowles and PhD student Jen Ballie are both going to be at the Future Everything event this weekend in Manchester.

Mel will be running her workshop ‘The Peoples Print: the empowerment of the consumer through Digital Textile Design’, where participants will be encouraged to create their own digital textile print.

Jen Ballie will be presenting her interactive workshop called The Scarf Project, where you will be encouraged to rip and mix past and present fashion trends to make and style your own bespoke scarf.

Slow/Fast becomes a trend

Last autumn, TED Members Melanie Bowles and Emma Neuberg ran their Slow/Fast workshops at the V & A, where participants were encouraged to explore both hand and digital approaches to textile making. The course was awarded the ‘Best Creative Course’ in 2010 by the participants and was quite ground breaking in it’s approach.

Mel, Emma and their project has now been written up in, by Chelsea alumni Alsion Gough who works for this trends forecasting website, exploring what the Slow movement means for the textile and fashion industry.

The co-design element of the new Slow approaches is key, as Alison explains, “Further removing brand controls, open sourcing and shared knowledge is crucial for the slow movement and, as the slow textiles group strives towards an empowerment of the consumer, the role of digital and downloadable is gaining momentum…”.